Felling Trees in a Garden

Today, more and more people are trying to get out of megacities out of town, buying finished houses for this purpose or acquiring land for development. Often trees grow on such a site, for example, old birch trees, some of which can interfere with the construction of the house and the arrangement of the adjacent territory in accordance with the plans of the owner. You can negotiate with one of the many companies that are engaged in professional cutting and uprooting of trees on the site. But they, as a rule, are not involved in the export of tree trunks and stumps.

In this situation, you will be rescued by a company that is engaged in the procurement of firewood. The guys will come and take the raw wood in the form of birch trunks and stumps in order to turn them into high-quality dry chopped firewood. If you plan to build a bathhouse or build a fireplace in the house, or both together, you can agree that the logs that you’ve already cut will be brought back to you. You can agree on a fee. At the same time, you can order an additional volume of excellent dry chopped oak, birch, aspen or alder wood. Thus, you will also get rid of unnecessary trees on the site and get a stock of excellent logs for the firebox, which quickly flares up, burn excellently and give a lot of heat. And although stove heating is actively being replaced by gas, finished firewood is still in demand.

Since in our time in many country houses and mansions real fireplaces are installed that can not be replaced by non-gas, not electric analogs. It is so pleasant to sit by the fireplace, look at the fire and listen to the wood crackling slightly. A well-dried tree does not give a loud crack, because they burn evenly, and therefore they are less safe, even if the fireplace is not equipped with a screen made of refractory glass, sparks do not fly out into the room. Of course, dry firewood is indispensable for a bath or sauna. In this matter, it is very important to get a lot of heat and to achieve this goal there is no better tool than birch or oak firewood, although in warm weather it is better to opt for aspen firewood. As for the preparation of barbecue or other dishes on an open fire, then dry alder wood is better than others. In a word.

Therefore, it is better to order several cubes of firewood from different species of trees and use them as needed. In frosty weather, use oak or birch, or a mixture of them for a bath and a fireplace. Having properly disposed of your wood reserves, you can avoid unnecessary costs and save. In conclusion, it will be useful to recall that for the storage of chopped logs it is necessary to build a special covered building, where the firewood will always remain dry.

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